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RKBA Challenge

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~ To guarantee our freedom by winning back our culture ~

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The Challenge

I challenge YOU to educate at least one uninformed person every month.  I challenge YOU to train them in Safety, Competence and Freedom.  This web site is dedicated to helping you do just that. You need the same thing I do: A kick in the rear, ideas, materials.

Our Mission

To give a new direction to fellow fighters for freedom.  To promote the reversing of the laws passed in the last hundred years which are designed to remove our freedom and our Right to Keep and Bear Arms.  To do this through reversing the decline of our culture of freedom at the grass roots level.  The idealism of Freedom was once taught to our children, relatives, friends and neighbors and is reflected in our early history.  There is absolutely no reason we cannot repeat those early efforts.  History can repeat itself in good, not just evil.

The Stage

We've joined organizations.  We've sent letters and emails to congress critters.  We've grumbled and griped among ourselves.  What we've been doing is fighting the end result of a change in culture foisted upon us by anti-American zealots.

By constantly fighting the end result we guarantee that the fight will go on and on and likely we will lose because we are honest and are fighting for freedom rather than control.  I don't recommend stopping such pursuits, but they cannot stand alone!

There is estimated to be a firearm in half of all American homes.  In how many of those homes are the guns used by Dad but Mom and the kids never touch them?  How many Dads have a shotgun, deer rifle and an old .22, but none are ever fired?

How many Americans on both sides of "the issue" think that the RKBA is about "sporting purposes", or even about "self protection" from burglars.  Those things are nice, but the RKBA is the strongest expression of freedom and one of it's best guardians.

The Web Site

Please send suggestions, corrections, additions, etc to me via email.  All are welcome.

Please submit additional ideas for this type of outreach.  For example, see "bigger plans" under Marching Orders.

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